Friday, March 4, 2011


Yesterday, I cleared out a section of carrots that I had planted in late September. They took much longer than anticipated to get large. According to the seed packet, they should have been harvested early December, but they were not ready at that point. 
I needed this sunny space for my newly purchased itty-bitty strawberry plants that I couldn't say no to at Whitfill Nursery in Gilbert. (Photos to come of the strawberry plants.)

Here are the carrots all a mess in my sink:

And mostly cleaned up:

Then I made them into Carrot Cake muffins, since I wanted to use them all right away before they lost their crunch. It was a lot of work getting those carrots ready for the carrot cake (especially if you count all the work planting the seeds and helping them grow), but it was very rewarding.

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