Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Seeds are Becoming

I am pleased to write that my garden is in good shape at this current moment. The seeds I have planted are growing and becoming what I hope for. The corn has been growing rapidly and has gotten so tall. Each time I go out to water, the tassels are being pollinated by a few bees, which is fantastic. The corn cobs are already developing and looking moist and good.

I found this weird creature yesterday. His camo is called "bird poop". I took him far away from the garden, but didn't have it in me to smash him.

Friday, October 8, 2010


I planted these today:

Anticipated Harvest Dates:
Spinach - November 22nd
Cabbage - December 17th
Cilantro - est. November 15th
Iceberg Lettuce - December 22nd
Carrots (batch#2) - December 22nd

We had some crazy weather a few days ago and although I was worried when most of my recently planted seedlings were under half a foot of water, I think many of them survived. I see carrots, romaine lettuce and bush beans growing. I haven't seen any peas popping up yet. I may need to replant them. The corn got really tattered and the stalks were laying down after the storm. I picked them up vertical and stepped around the bases to secure their foundation. They seem to be healthy as of today and I see tassels beginning to form in many. I really am hoping for some corn this season.