Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Garden in February 2015

I'm so pleased with the growth on my surviving tomato plants as well as how much lettuce, cilantro and sweet peas we are constantly enjoying and sharing from our garden. Within the past weeks, I also planted more carrots near the base of the flourishing sweet pea vines, more lettuce and spinach and a few green onion roots from onions purchased from the store (that are growing!) I also planted a few small pieces (bite size) of red potatoes after allowing them to dry out over night on my counter and pieces of the small unripened potatoes pulled out after the freeze just to see what happens. I also planted about 6 tomato starts from James for this upcoming season. I'm hoping for a great tomato harvest (for once!).

My cherry tomato plant. Feb 4

Tomato that ripened on the vine after the freeze.

New growth! Cherry tomato plant.

Green onions, both from seed and from planting store bought onion roots.

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