Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pruning My Rose Bushes

I have not been a good mother to my 4 rose bushes. These bushes are important to me because they were given to my husband's grandmother, who lived in this home before us for many years. I really want these old bushes to live a lot longer, so I was frightened when I saw that all of them are not looking well.
On Saturday, 10/20/12, I pruned them, cutting off all dead wood and spent flowers. Then, my 3 year-old daughter helped me rake in some rose food into the first 3 inches of soil all around the bushes. While raking, I made wells around each bush so they will allow the water to soak in better instead of draining away. Then, we gave them lots of water and I have been giving them a good drink each day since. I hope to see new life soon. They look pathetic at this point. I am hoping that the bushes can now focus their energies on creating new stems and flowers and getting strong before the winter comes.

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