Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Freebies & Learning about Soil

I haven't yet had the opportunity to plant seeds in my prepared garden soil, but I did plant 14 tomato seeds (red cherry and heirloom brandywine) in some little starter pellets (Jiffy) last Saturday the 29th of September. I've never seen or used these before. I got the pellets from a Craigslist poster for free along with some seeds, a soil testing kit and some fertilizer spikes. 

My 3 year-old and I had a good time acting like we were scientists today testing my soil with the free kit. 

Neutral pH (7.0) level
Nitrogen (N)- medium
Phosphorous (P) - high
Potash/Potassium (K) - very low

I found some great information about the quality of garden soil to help me learn about these necessary nutrients HERE
In response to these results, I will be adding more nutrients to my soil in the form of fertilizers and I hope to start a compost system soon as well to add more organic matter.
And those seeds will be planted very soon!

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