Thursday, September 16, 2010

What's This?

Apparently there is more to my cantaloupe plant than I thought. I always found it so interesting how there were two different types of leaves on the vine and it often made me question if it really was a cantaloupe vine. Well, I think I have found out why there are two types of leaves... because there are two types of vines growing right beside (and intertwined with) eachother. The past week I was watching as this odd looking melon started to form. It looks like a squash and that is because it IS a squash. Today I finally went through all the large leaves to find the base of each plant and they are about 4 inches from eachother. So, I have a cantaloupe plant and some sort of squash plant as a bonus!

But, what kind of squash is it??? I haven't figured that out yet.

Squash and Canteloupe fruits growing side by side.

The best-looking cantaloupe growing on the vine.
I found a great website today about how to get rid of squash bugs using dish soap mixed with water. IT WORKS and oh how gratifying to watch them die!


  1. Hmmm...well, my best guess is that it's a butternut squash that will pale in color as it ripens; unless it's a hybrid cantaloupe/butternut. Or, it could be none of the above. :) Now that could prove to be rather interesting.

  2. We ate it a few days ago and it tasted similar to a butternut squash. That is my best guess, but I am no expert on squash.