Monday, September 13, 2010


I find it odd that my grapefruit tree has some blooms all of a sudden. I noticed after seeing a few hummingbirds and wasps hanging around and going from each blossom. I think this would be considered "off-season bloom" and can be a sign of a disease (Mycoplasma Diseases, Stubborn Disease). The grapefruit tree had a hard time through the summer and has no remaining grapefruits that I can see.

The Zucchini seeds that I planted a few weeks ago never grew. I think the seeds are too old, they have 1997 stamped on the seed bag. I will get some new seeds soon.

The Cuccumber plants withered away last week although they were getting lots of water. I think it was either too hot or the cats may have gotten to them and broke the tender plants. I had a net covering it, but it was not completely cat proof. The neighborhood cats seem to have that spot in my garden as their favorite litter box.

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