Thursday, February 9, 2017

Lilac Vine in Bloom & Sewing Seeds

I love my lilac vine. It's growing great on my south-facing wall near our eucalyptus tree. Low water, fast grower, winter blooms, evergreen, inexpensive.

My husband and I completed 2 additional garden beds (6 foot by 3 foot each) and I've been working in different materials to make up the soil (native soil, composted mulch, steer manure, potting mix I had, etc.) Below is one I get from A&P nursery that I like and I feel like it's a good amount for $6 a bag. Yesterday (Feb 8th) I planted canteloupe in 3 hills in one garden bed.
Today (Feb 9th), my little buddy Hyrum and I planted bell peppers, yellow tomatoes and cherry tomatoes in some little starter containers. I'm hoping that once they are ready to transplant into the garden that I will have harvested the celery to make room for them.
This Winter has been feeling like a perfect Spring the last several weeks. I'm hoping for a long Spring planting and growing season and high harvests!

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