Saturday, October 1, 2011

Enjoying new Beauty

This past week I planted 3 hibiscus bushes (1 gal size) on the side of our house. I am really excited to see them bloom soon and hope that they will enjoy their new ground. This location gets sun in the late morning and shade from the wall and our house at most other times of the day. Eventually, I would like to have some landscaping rock on the side yard on both sides of the sidewalk. The large petrified wood rocks here have been in my family for a while and have moved all over with us. I still have one surviving (barely) mint plant growing on the side yard as well as 2 Aloe Vera plants that are very happy. 

I also planted some pink and white Vincas and Mexican Heather (small purple flowers) in pots to make the front porch more beautiful. Flowers bring me happiness. I have had success with both of these species of flowers in the past and I love Heather. 

And in the vegetable garden...
Zucchini plants (seeds planted 2 weeks ago):

The start of a Sweet Pea vine:

I am grateful for green!

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