Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tomatoes Galore

This past week...
The peas are all fried by the hot sun. I will plant peas in the fall again.
The corn plants grew tassels which hopefully means we will have corn growing soon. The plants are not getting much taller and look dry most the time although I water them generously.
The early-planted carrots (planted 2/16) are turning bitter. They have not reached full grown size, but the flavor is no longer sweet as it was about a month ago.

Lots of red cherry tomatoes ready to eat. They are delicious! (see photo above)
I picked 4 carrots from the batch planted on 3/6 and they are larger and sweeter than those planted weeks before. (see photo above)
The yellow squash I planted was not what I expected and is small, dense and has large seeds that look like pumpkin seeds. I cut some open to eat with dinner a week ago and they were not desirable and smelled like pumpkins. I guess that was the wrong type of squash.
Zucchinis are growing until about 3 inches and then withering away. I don't know why, but will keep trying to help the plant be happy so maybe we will get something good out of it.

I look forward to fall planting to have a fresh start and hopefully more rewarding results.

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  1. I sure learn a lot from this blog. I will be ready to plant in the fall too and hopefully we'll both have a nice crop.